Aerial Lifts & Aerial Work Platforms

Safe Operating for Aerial Lifts & Aerial Work Platforms


Group Pricing:

10 - 24 $38.95/unit
25 - 49 $32.95/unit
50 - 99 $26.95/unit
100 - 499 $20.95/unit
500+ $14.95/unit


Any person operating an aerial lift or aerial work platform is required to be trained on the safe use of the equipment as well as any associated hazards.

Worksite Safety’s Aerial Lifts & Aerial Work Platforms Certification program has been developed in accordance with federal and provincial legislation as safety training for workplaces across Canada. This course consists of 4 chapters and a final exam. Once you pass your exam, you may print your certificates of completion (wallet & wall sized). Training may be paused or resumed at any time.

This course covers topics such as: The division of responsibilities, personal protective equipment, fall protection considerations, the different types of aerial lifts, operating procedures, associated hazards, and safe work practices.

Many work sites will require practical, site-specific training (in addition to this theory training) before an employee is able to operate machinery.

Average Course Running Time: 1.5 Hours

Last Updated: January 2019